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Chloé Dugit-Gros

September 11th – October 30th 2010

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Alexis Guilliern Pierre Leguillon, Emilie Parendeau and Yves-Marie Rinquin

Curated by François Aubart with Continuous Project

M for Mondrian, Saturday May 05 at 6 pm an illustrated conference by Alexis Guillier

May 22nd – July 17th 2010

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Anne Colomes, Laurent Le Deunff, Thomas Klimowski, Fleur Noguera, Tamara De Wehr

March 27th – May 08th 2010

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Between Peaks

Eric Tabuchi

January 30th – March 13th 2010

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Claire Adelfang, Hermine Anthoine, Argentinelee, Damien Aspe, Armelle Caron, Geoffrey Crespel, Marie Denis, Jean Jacques Dumont, Anne Favret, Sandra Foltz, Jean Guillaud, Jean-François Guillon, Marie Lelouche, Guillaume le Moine, Laurent Mareschal, Patrick Manez, Mathias Mongin, Tami Notsani, Marion Orel, Simon Ripoll-Hurier, Laurent Sfar, Tadzio and Mathieu Weiler.

An exhibition proposed by Adrien Pasternak

November 24th 2009 – January 16th 2010