La forêt usagère - 1

A proposal by Aurélien Mole

May 23rd – July 12th 2014

With Julien Tiberi, Clément Rodzielski, Åbäke, Pierre Leguillon, Aurélien Froment, Charlie Jeffery, Nicolas Chardon, Colombe Marcasiano, Eva Taulois, Jesus
Alberto Benitez, Niels Trannois, Hippolyte Hentgen, Roxane Borujerdi, Syndicat,
Izet Sheshivari, Cyril Verde, Olivier Soulerin, Raphaël Julliard, Christophe Lemaitre

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Natalia Villanueva Linares

Text by Camille Paulhan

March 15th – April 26th 2014

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Rohwajeong (Yunhee Roh & Hyunseok Jeong)

January 18th – February 22nd 2014

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Julien Creuzet

November 09th – December 28th 2013

With Léna Araguas, Antoine Berard, Minia Biabiany, Anne Houel, Séphora Joannes, Kevin Monot, Octave Rimbert-Riviere, Ana Vaz

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Hayoun Kwon

Hayoun Kwon

September 07th – October 26th 2013

With the support of the French National Center for Plastic Arts, French Ministry for the Culture and Communication. (Support for the first exhibition)

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